The do it yourself audit


Stay Safe - Stay Off your ladder and off the roof. Inspect your roof with binoculars for possible problems or tree-related damage after a storm. You can find most problems from the safety of you yard or a trip to the attic. Here is a check list that will help you identify problems.

A Two Part DIY Roofing Audit

On a Sunny Day

Use a pair of binoculars (or stand on a ladder at roof level if you are accustom to ladders and have someone holding the ladder for you as a precaution). Look at the appearance of your roof from every side. In particular, look for the following indicators of potential roof problems:


On a Rainy Day

On a rainy day or after a hard rain go up to the attic and have a good look around, be sure you have a good source of light.

Found a Problem?

If you see a possible problem the next step is to call a qualified roofer. Contact Doucet Roofing for a Free Professional Audit. Simply pick up the phone and call 781. 608. 4816 or email us.  Why lose sleep over a problem that you can fix now and save money by avoiding a larger repair later


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