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Honesty during the evaluation of a job and keeping the homeowner’s best interests in mind is always our top priority. We pay attention to every detail, so you don’t have to. Our quality workmanship is guaranteed with no hassles. And, once the job is done we’re always available for follow-up questions or emergency situations.

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Doucet Roofing will provide a free consultation followed up by a free estimate that will be explained by our courteous staff

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If you’re looking for old school integrity mixed with today’s best practices talk to Jim Doucet.  Jim’s mantra is “My word is my bond.”Whether you are planning a full-scale kitchen remodeling project or a less ambitious surface-level kitchen renovation Doucet Remodeling will help you design and complete the project successfully.

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Roofing Repair, Flashing, and Masonry

Jim Doucet is the Roofing Doctor who makes house calls. You will quickly consider him part of your extended network, always a friend in times of need.


Why fix it now?


While some of these symptoms may not be serious or costly to fix today, by not being proactive you run the risk of paying for it later. Even a small leak can cause severe damage. When moisture gets into the insulation it can develop mold and mildew that spreads to the drywall and the wood structure of your home. A leaking roof will open and spread causing damage to your walls, ceilings, and floors. It can short out your electrical outlets and this is just if you’re lucky. The unlucky one’s find that significant damage is done to their pictures, furniture, and the rest of their contents. All this aggravation, stress, and damage can be avoided with the right roofing solution.


Roof Integrity Issues

SOUND DECK The roof deck must be in good condition. All rotten wood must be replaced when re-roofing your home. The deck should be clean and all existing shingles removed before asphalt shingle installation. Stripping the old shingles is the only way to inspect the deck for wood rot and to replace rotten wood to ensure a sound roof deck.
EAVE PROTECTION Considerable damage can be caused to the roof deck, along the eaves, when ice builds up during winter freeze/thaw cycle. Felt paper or waterproofing membrane is used on the deck to protect the deck from water penetration.
DRIP EDGE Drip edge is a metal flashing, which is installed along the edge of the roof deck at the eaves. Its purpose is to divert water into the eaves and protect the wood deck from rot.
FELT UNDERLAYMENT Felt underlayment is installed on the roof deck, under the new shingles, to shed water that is driven under the shingles. It is a second line of defense. Asphalt Shingles are intended to shed water not to seal the roof.
VALLEY TREATMENT The valleys on your roof are the most critical areas of the roof. The need extra protection. They can be metal or closed with an ice and water shield under the shingles.
FLASHING CHIMNEYS & DORMERS Flashing is critical to the final integrity of the roof and your home. Part of the job is to make sure the masonry work is in good condition and if not to fix problem areas before they cause major damage.
VENTILATION Air venting is very important and often overlooked.
PREMIUM QUALITY SHINGLES Shingle warranties are based on the weight of the shingles per 100 sq.ft.of coverage. We suggest a minimum of 233lb per sq. weight shingle for a premium roof.

Ice Dams Specialists

Doucet Roofing specialists can remove and resolve ice dam problems and with the addition of sufficient insulation and ventilation prevent this troublesome issue from happening again.

Roof Replacement with Gutters

We specialize in Asphalt, Flat, and rubber roofing applications. All of our work is guaranteed, we treat your home like it was our own. From protecting your plants to careful execution of the job to cleaning up after the work is completed and every thing in between – care you’ll appreciate is taken at each step.

Siding and Windows and Skylights

Whether you need one window or siding for the whole house Doucet can provide a complete job. Our professional Staff will help you select the siding product best for your application and budget (e.g., Vinyl, wood, cement/fiber).

Windows and Skylights are important features of a home and when installed properly add value. However, installed improperly these upgrades can be the cause of ongoing headaches. We get it right the first time!

Remodeling and Additions

Like every job well done remodeling and additions are planned carefully from the start. You will know: What it will take. How much it will cost. And. when it will be done.


Kitchens and custom bathrooms

French Country Kitchen

No Kitchen is too Complex Call 781. 608. 4816

We work with your Insurance Company

Partnering with you and your insurance carrier is a given – it’s just part of the job! We know the insurers and adjusters in your area and we’ll make sure the process is smooth and hassle free.

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