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Roofing Tips



  • Make sure your roofer installs a ridge vent and/or gable and soffit vents to allow air to circulate and moisture (the enemy) to escape

  • Stay safe Stay off your ladder and the roof. Inspect the roof with binoculars for possible tree-related damage after a storm.

  • Insist that your roofing contractor use flashing in areas where water could seep in, where roofing material meets wood siding or a chimney.

  • Divert water away your chimney using a V-shaped material called a “cricket”. that streams water around the chimney.

  • Ask your roofing contractor how he plans to handle the area around the chimney. If he says, “don’t worry about it” find another roofer

  • Trim back tree branches, contact between branches and shingles will loosen the shingles, but No DIY use a qualified tree professional.

  • Save roof shingles for future repairs. They can be hard to match, you may forget the brand or they may not make them any more – it happens.

Remodeling Tips



  • Building codes require specific numbers of electrical outlets in a room, have electricians place them attractively, say where & how high.

  • Ask your painter to save some paint in well-marked cans for touch-ups and duplicating the color in the future.

  • Maximize resale value by spending money “Where you Wash” kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Maximize resale value hire a trim carpenter to install crown moldings this really dresses up a home and pays dividends


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